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Are You Thinking Of Selling Your Supercar ?

With literally hundreds of beautiful Supercars sold to a diverse customer base across the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East & Australasia, The Supercar Rooms are internationally renowned for making available for sale a selection of some of the world’s finest automobiles.

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Sell Your Supercar Quickly & Easily With The Supercar Rooms Brokerage Service

Sell For Cash :
Simply give us a detailed description of your vehicle, or pop down as see us and we will offer you a cash price to buy outright subject to our own stock holdings.

Sell Your Forward Order :
For customers who have committed to buying a luxury or performance car and no longer wish to proceed with the purchase. We may be willing to buy the contract or be able to sell the contract on to a third party on a discreet basis.

Supercar Brokerage Service :
Brokerage also known as SOR (Sale Or Return) is a simple service where we agree a percentage of the agreed sale price or a fixed fee to sell your vehicle.

The Supercar Rooms Brokerage Service takes all the hassle out of selling a supercar from start to finish. In an unpredictable market it is reassuring to be able to rely on a well-established & respected name. By using our brokerage service you avoid the frustration of trying to sell privately.

Buyers are more confident when purchasing from a dealer who have specialist supercar knowledge and that they are covered by law for any warranty issues, cleared finance, bad history & any risk of fraud.

Firstly we establish a true market value for your car, if you are happy to proceed we then promote your vehicle amongst our inventory both online & in our proactive marketing.

We provide a multitude of buyer benefits that offer comfort when purchasers are considering buying a high value vehicle, these include :

Our commission for this service, dependent on vehicle value, is either a percentage of the agreed sale price or a fixed fee.

If you have any questions or for further details, please speak to one of our brokerage specialists on 01299 666116.

Other Option Available From The Supercar Rooms :

Part Exchange :

You have seen a vehicle you would like to purchase from us and you wish to offer your existing car in Part Exchange.

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Collection & delivery service available, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Sales Department on 01299 666116 & speak to our Supercar Broker Specialist.

Service Enquiry

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Supercar Sale Or Return
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