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The Supercar Rooms are one of the UK’s most competitive & dependable Aston Martin finance brokers for high value Aston Martin's. From new & used, prestige, luxury, super or classic Aston Martin for private customers. We offer a wide range of affordable & competitive Aston Martin finance packages, including balloon payments, variable rate & finance lease payment options.

Deciding on which package will work best for your money is an important part of the Aston Martin finance process. Our knowledge of the market allows us to project realistic residual values enabling us to package the right deal & ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Aston Martin Finance (Options)

The Supercar Rooms work together with some of the UK's leading funding institutions to create a solution that suits your budget & needs, maximising your spending potential while minimising your repayments.

  • Aston Martin Hire Purchase:
    Hire purchase is a simple, straightforward way to allow you to spread the cost of buying your Aston Martin. The balance of the loan is paid in regular instalments of interest & amount borrowed over an agreed period. Full ownership will pass over to you at the end of this period. Hire Purchase is similar to borrowing an amount of money from a bank & paying it back over a fixed length of time with interest.

    Hire Purchase is often preferred over alternative (unsecured) loans because they allow a greater borrowing limit. The term "secured loan" means exactly that, a loan that the lender can secure against an asset (in this case, the vehicle).
  • Aston Martin Balloon Payment:
    A Balloon Payment can often be built into the Hire Purchase agreement to bring down the monthly payments by deferring an amount of the borrowing to the end of the agreement. Balloons are ideal if you want to lower your monthly payments.
  • Aston Martin Balanced Payments Plan:
    With a Balanced Payments plan, the interest, rather than being fixed for the term of the agreement is linked to the current base rate. The monthly repayments are set from the outset for ease of budgeting, based on an assumed base rate & will not change. Any adjustment required because of any changes in base rate throughout the term are made at the close of the agreement.
  • Aston Martin Day to Day Interest:
    With a Day to Day facility, interest is charged on the reducing capital balance. The repayments on the day to day option will change each month as the balance reduces & any changes in base rate are made immediately.

    Please note this facilitiy is only available for either, high net worth individuals, where the vehicle is being used predominantly for business use or for limited companies. More details available on request.


To get started with your bespoke Aston Martin finance solution, simply call our Aston Martin Finance Specialist on Tel : 01299 666116 to get a quick quote alternatively fill in your details on the Aston Martin Finance enquiry form.

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