Ferrari Stone Chip Repair

Painting a Ferrari to mirror a factory paint finish requires excellent products, a great paint booth & highly skilled specialist technicians. The paint job should not only look great but also last a lifetime & it all starts with the preparation.

The key is creating a foundation that’s smooth, free of imperfections, & clean, which requires great care & attention to detail. Many people judge the quality of a repair by how smooth the paint looks, matches & shines, so we put great effort into every paint job.

The difference between a budget paint job & a quality paint job is significant. We remove all trim pieces, door handles, lights, etc., instead of taping over them. This creates a clean finish on all parts of the panel. We have experience with many cars, new & old.

A great car repair should be invisible. The goal is to not be able to tell the vehicle was repaired. Our best work goes unnoticed by everyone. Because paint is such a large part of this, we take great pain to match the paint & properly blend it into the existing paint on the vehicle. We use the best materials & the latest technology on the market.

We do everything possible to minimize the environmental impact of painting cars. Air from the paint booth is recycled and scrubbed before being released. Multiple levels of filters remove dust & contaminants from the paint environment. All materials are recycled at a level beyond that required by laws & regulations.

Ferrari Stone Chip Repair & Removal

Ferrari Stone Chip Repair & Removal The Supercar Rooms located in the West Midlands

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Ferrari Stone Chip Repair

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Ferrari Stone Chip Repair