Full colour vehicle wrapping & printed vinyl car wraps have become more main stream over the last few years. Here at The Supercar Rooms we have taken vehicle wrapping to the next level.

We specialise in wrapping high value vehicles including full colour changes to printed vehicle advertising. Shown is a Ferrari 458 & a Ferrari 612 we wrapped in printed vinyl for the Cannon Ball 2000, for Team Hatton a few months ago.

They won 1st & 2nd Place for the best wrapped vehicles & were presented a winning trophy by none other than Bernie Ecclestone.

Car Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is not as easy as it looks, it take skill, time & a great deal of patience. The wrap also protects the vehicle's paintwork against stone chips & minor scratches, it also ensures that, when the time to sell arrives, the paintwork is in pristine condition with no dulling or fading.

Recent advancements in vinyl development have led to new types of vinyl, designed specifically for wrap advertising—this includes vinyl that feature bubble-preventing air channels and microscopic glass beads that prevent an adhesive from functioning until the user is prepared (the beads allow the material to be repeatedly lifted and reapplied during the wrapping process, without compromising the longevity of the wrap). The vinyl is heated with a heat gun or torch for the purpose of molding the material around objects

Collection & delivery available, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Service Department on 01299 250009 & speak to our Vehicle Wrapping Specialists.

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